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Diatomaceous Earth – An Amazing Creation of Nature

In Biochemistry of Essential Ultra trace Elements, a 1972 survey by Dr. Edith Carlisle, she says that Silicon is an essential element for bone growth and nutritionally essential for preventing some kinds of chronic conditions associated with aging. Unusually considerable amounts of silicon was noted in the skin and hair. More amazing was the trachea, aorta and muscles were observed to be 4 – 5 times richer in Silicon compared to liver, heart, an muscle. Diatomaceous Earth, which is composed mainly of silicon dioxide, is now becoming more recognized as playing a key role in anti-aging, by preventing and curing the serious diseases that appear linked to the regions of the body where there is a Silicon deficiency.

Dr. Adolfo Butenandt in his 1993 Nobel Price earning study explained that ‘life can not exist without silica.’ He demonstrated that Silica is just a essential nutrient for many life-forms.

These teeny-tiny microscopic fossilized diatoms, organic diatomaceous earth, are cylindrical in shape and have lattice like walls made of Silicone Dioxide – Silica. As numerous these negatively charged cylinders undertake the intestinal tract, they trap, absorb and entice definitely charged fungi, protozoa, worms, endotoxins, pesticides, drug residues, E-Coli, and heavy metals that are then passed out of the body. Any parasite that escapes this vacuum cleaner type activity is then ‘cut-up’ and/or killed by the hardness and sharpness of those microscopic skeletons of the diatoms. The consequence of this process is actually a cleaner healthier colon and therefore an over-all healthier human body. A number of the silica in Diatomaceous Earth is absorbed into the bloodstream and helps destroy bad fats.

Perma-Guard’s Fresh Water Food Class Diatomaceous Earth mined and milled into Fossil Cover Flour is 89-95% Amorphous Silica. It is no surprise that individuals, and as observed in animals also, are experiencing health changes. Many of them are:

40 to 60 items dropped in cholesterol levels just fourteen days after taking DE.

Lowered blood pressure.

Healthier blood sugar levels – silica will help diabetes by marketing synthesis of elastase inhibitor by the pancreas.

Combined pain, osteoporosis, rheumatism feels greater – Silica can stop the pain and also restore the body’s self repair process. It can help accelerate the healing process and reduce the scaring on the site of fractures. With enough silica in the body, silica might be become calcium when needed by the body itself.

Healthy younger skin at any age – silica helps the synthesis of collagen which can be the glue that holds our joint together and accountable for healthy youthful skin. Silica helps with accidents and skin dilemmas including Itching, rashes, abscesses, boils, acne, callouses, warts, eczemas, burns up, frostbite, benign skin sores, insect bites, and bed sores.

Fat loss by natural means! Taken very first thing in the morning, one-hour before breakfast, has helped curb appetites throughout the day. Lots of people have reported fat loss!

Not just healthiest hair but in addition hair growth! Yes, I’ve heard numerous reports that individuals are growing healthier hair on the bald heads! This should really perhaps not be a surprise as silica may be the main component of hair at 90 micrograms per gram of silica in comparison to silica content of balanced bones at 100 micrograms per gram of silica.

Healthiest teeth and gums – silica helps with all the hardening of enamel, prevents cavities. Can help battle ulceration, decay of bones, and lessen inflammation.

Nails become healthier and strong also.

Age locations melting.

Higher energy are reported.

Resting better. Getting up refreshed with less sleep.

Silica reduces inflammation in bronchitis. Silica defends from pollution by repairing and preserving the strength of the lung tissue.

‘I only feel much better’ can be a common remark from people after a day or two of taking Food-grade Diatomaceous Earth.

In her book, ‘Going Green Using organic pest control ants How-to Tips’, Tui Rose, a worried mother and registered nurse, does an excellent work in providing fact-based data and resources for DE. It is an easy guide book for employing a safer choice, natural vitamin, food-grade pesticide with more than 101 uses

More details is found on this site.

Jane Heinrichs became interested in alternative medicine on account of her experiences using the negative effects of long term medication for asthma and other health issues. She’s spent 20+ years researching and using natural alternative products to over come her own longterm health issues including Fibromyalgia, adrenal failure, Thyroid dysfunction and asthma. Diatomaceous earth is her latest discovery.


How to Kill Bed Bugs Naturally: Diatomaceous Earth and Silica Gel Kills Bed Bugs

It is very difficult to kill bed bugs. Many people would prefer a magic bullet like DDT to kill the pests in a single move, but such therapy does not exist.

The pests are becoming resistant to several household pesticides and this makes it quite difficult to kill them. A variety of solutions ensures success in just about any bed bug get a handle on process among which is pure residual dust treatment.

Organic extra dust therapy stays active for days, weeks and months after application. It’s just one treatment that really helps to kill bed bugs. Nevertheless, it must be along with other treatments to remove an invasion.

Diatomaceous Earth (DE)

The diatomaceous earth wholesale, normally called diatomite is a desiccant dust made from silica-based skeletons of microorganisms called diatoms. The chemical composition of DE is approximately 90% silica, 2% alumina and 2% iron oxide.

The EPA permitted brand DE is an all-natural non-chemical pest-control therapy. The tiny diatoms within the powder adhere to the outside of the insect’s exoskeleton and scratch it off until it dehydrates and dies.

This really is a straightforward successful and long term residual cure for bed bugs. It’s safe to spread the dust across the ridges of the bedding, beneath the baseboard and within the box-spring and joints of furniture.

This physical treatment kills the pest whenever it crawls on the dust. But, it’s not just a fast killing treatment like others. It will the task gradually. The therapy is best suited in low humid environment and is safe to combine it with other insecticide dusts.


a. It is an all natural therapy to kill bed bugs.

b. It has no synthetic chemicals or ingredients.

c. It is odour-free and non-toxic.

d. The substance does not disappear or dysfunction over time.

e. The nutrient has powerful long haul residual effects.

f. It is safe to use it with other treatments.

g. It’s exemplary for cracks and crevices. It kills newly hatched nymphs.

h. Bed insects cannot develop resistance to DE.


a. The insect has to crawl through the powder for this to work.

b. The powder kills only a section of the people.

Health and Safety Issues

The spring is a good option to chemical treatments, especially with children and animals around. It is safe to make use of and could be placed on many materials where insecticide dusts can not (e.g. bed frames and rug).

Unlike chemical remedies, DE routinely controls bed pests by scouring the exoskeleton through an action. Once you purchase the product not all forms of DE are non-toxic so be mindful.

You’ll find more than one forms of DE: the 100% diatomaceous earth is a pesticide labelled for crawling bug pest; the 100% DE used as an animal food additive also kills bed bugs.

P used for pool filters is harmful to people and animals and not recommended for bed bug get a handle on. DE models advertised as pesticide include chemical additives like pyrethrum and piperonyl butoxide.

The products are poisonous to humans and pets and have limited labels regarding where the merchandise can be utilized. Read the instructions on the label before you purchase the item.

Silica gel dust

Actually bought a toy, electrical device or gourmet food product and see a small box inside labelled silica-gel, don’t eat, throw away? This is a good treatment for bed bugs.

Silica-gel is a desiccant. The definition of serum can be a misnomer since they are truly beads that absorb moisture in the air and are hard and brittle. Standard silica gel is clear and it contains silicon dioxide. Some types contain metal oxide or alumina (a product much like sandpaper).

Bed bugs are killed by silica gel dust when they interact with it. It is safe to make use of crushed silica gel or sachets of silica gel purchased in almost any product. All you have to to accomplish is grind the silica-gel into dust.

It is possible to mix the dust using an pesticide. Nevertheless, the dust is effective when used alone. Silica gel is available in the industrial market. It is a really cheap and effective therapy to kill bed bugs.


a. It’s long term residual outcomes as long as it is found in situations with low-humidity.

b. It is an inorganic, non-toxic therapy with low repellence.

c. It is an effective cure for cracks and crevices to kill newly hatched nymphs.

Health and Safety Concerns

Silica-gel is definitely an irritant so use a disguise when using it. Silica-gel is non-hazardous and non-toxic when handled. It’s broadly speaking recognized as safe, but shouldn’t be swallowed. It is non-reactive, non-flammable, non-toxic and stable with standard use. Shop fits in away from young ones and animals.

These inorganic components may keep a movie on the surface of items, until watchfully applied.

More details would be found here.

Organic residual dirt may be the least toxic therapy to organic pest control. But, remember the insects must investigate in the dust for this to work. Just a test of the citizenry can get in the dust. That is why it’s very important to combine this treatment with a range of different treatments.

Diatomaceous Earth: A Natural Alternative to Bed Bug Spray

Diatomaceous earth is nature’s super bed bug killer; in a different way it is better than other spray products and services. As anyone who has gotten these pests understands, when they make themselves at home in your room, they’re difficult to eradicate. Nevertheless, is as part of your routine you contain Diatomaceous earth, your chances to clean them out for good dramatically improve.

What is Diatomaceous Earth?

Diatomaceous earth is just a naturally-occurring substance. It’s basically the remains of algae or diatoms. It’s surface into a very fine powder and not harmful to humans. OK you don’t need to eat the material, or snuff it, much like you would not accomplish that with sand or dirt!

But to bedbugs, diatomaceous earth will be the scourge. It is dangerous. The powder permeates the bedbugs waxy finish making them vulnerable to dehydration and bacteria. Upon calling the stuff, the bed bugs just dry up. There is no toxic chemicals to utilize or even a bad odor to manage.

That makes diatomaceous earth ideal for eliminating them out of your bedroom. You can directly use the dust for your mattress and box-spring and be encouraged understanding that you’re not spraying synthetic and potentially toxic chemicals in your bed.

It is possible to sometimes mix tiny amount of the powder in places where the bugs stay and will walk or utilize a powder applicator. The installer is your best bet. It will make it easier to acquire the powder where you want it while avoiding finding it on everything!

Bed Bug Killer Approach

It is not the only real think you need to do to eradicate these pests from your home, although diatomaceous earth could possibly be the primary killer in your arsenal. Listed here are key steps you must take:

1. Eliminate clutter out of your home. They like clutter and will hid inside it.

2. Vacuum floor and you home. Pay close focus on small cracks and crevices. Use an addition to suck insects out of those areas.

3. Eliminate all-you bedding and clean in hot-water. The warmer the water the better. Heated water will kill the bedbugs. Once you bedding is clean, keep it in tightly sealed garbage back while you continue your cleaning.

4. Eliminate your box springs and mattress in the bed frame.

5. Take the bed frame to a part and check for them where the pieces join together. Cleaner and clear the body.

6. Implement diatomaceous earth to your bed spring and mattress. Make sure you apply the dust towards the seams.

7. Optional: Encase your mattress and box-spring in a bed bug proof cover.

8. Reassemble your bed frame and bed.

9. Drop some organic pest control phoenix on the floor of each bed frame post. In this manner the bugs will need to crawl through their death to get you!

More information can be found here.

Diatomaceous earth is just a very effective way to kill bed bugs. You must seriously consider applying this material, if you suffer from an infestation. Not merely does it perform a outstanding job of killing insects, it’s also normal and non-toxic. That causes it to be very safe to make use of where other bed bug sprays wouldn’t be suggested.